Top Five things to do in Latin District Paris

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Latin Quarter is well-merited when it comes to being historical higher learning, artistic, and scholarship center. Being one of the best attraction destinations across the world, you will not regret touring this district. Whether you want to tour the well-known Luxembourg Garden or the Pantheon and the Sorbonne, visiting Latin District Paris is an awesome idea.

The origin of ‘Latin Quarter’

The Latin District which is Paris’ 5th and 6th quarter has a very deep history. It was an established center of knowledge, which hosted huge number of students during the middle ages and antiquity. The name “Latin Quarter” originated from the language that was widely used in Parisian universities during that period.

There are endless choices when selecting activities at the Latin Quarter. These are the top five:

  • Stroll in the Luxembourg Garden – Discover the Senate, relax in romantic spots, and admire the sculptures in Paris’ most beautiful and popular garden.
  • Enjoy romantic nightlife – It is an excellent idea to visit Paradis Latin which is among the oldest and most famous cabarets in Paris.
  • Walking Tours – If you want to learn more about Parisian culture, going for walks around Latin District Paris is the best idea. You will learn about the neighborhoods and about the Latin Quarter’s deep history.
  • Visit Place Saint Sulpice – Visiting this site is perfect for anyone looking for liveliness as there are many restaurants, cafes, and shops here.
  • Dine in Rue Saint-Andre Des Art which is a dynamic street that is full of shops and five-star restaurants.

Perfect Must-See Places

If you love history, your trip to Latin District Paris will be incomplete if you fail to visit the Cluny Museum. In this 15th century monument, you will come across breathtaking and adorable medieval paintings, beautifully stained glass fragments, and gorgeous sculptures. It is also a great idea to visit the Maubert Market which was established in the 1920s. It has an unusual story that is worth knowing before you finalize your visit to Latin District Paris. It is open on Saturdays (7am-3am), Thursday and Tuesdays from 7am-2: 30 pm.

Ensure that you also visit these destinations:

  • Pantheon Sorbonne.
  • La Grande Mosquee with its iconic eateries.
  • Les Arenas de Lutetia Amphitheatre.
  • Shakespeare & Co.

The to-do list is endless during your stay in Latin Quarter. There are also many attractive destinations for nightlife, tours, and romantic dates. Are you looking for five-star hotels? Do not worry, Latin District Paris has numerous stylish first-class restaurants.