The top things to see in the Versailles castle

things to see in Versailles

Who said your trip to the French capital has to be confined to sights and sounds of Paris itself? There are many historic and cultural sites to visit within the city limits along with a plethora of other activities to enjoy, but if you’re coming in all the way from another country or even just from another part of Europe, then Paris can be your base, but a base from which you’d pen-in a visit to the Versailles castle with some top sightseeing cues to enjoy.

Not to be missed

More commonly referred to as the Palace of Versailles, “Le Palace de Versailles” is striking in its overall beauty, made up of a very beautiful selection of individually-beautiful on-site infrastructure. Admire the impressive art collection or sculptures and paintings, including a copy of The Coronation of Napoleon. Revel in the splendour of the Grand Chapel, and visit the Hall of Mirrors to get a whole new perspective on how a selection of numerous mirrors can add some royal vanity to the associated opulence. Other things to see include a view from the Hall of Mirrors (the centrally-located mirror), the Queen’s Apartment, which includes Marie Antoinette’s bedroom, and the Grand Trianon.

Some background knowledge before you go

A little bit of background history, of the Versailles Castle having been the French Kings’ official residence (1682 to 1790), will make for a great set of guidelines in suggesting what you can expect to see and what you should particularly look out for. However, the fun starts long before you actually hit the grounds, depending on which of the day trips from Paris to Versailles you decide to go on. Outdoor scenery to enjoy includes the Fountains and the Groves, as well as the Grand Canal and the Queen’s Hamelt.